Four things importers from China should know about US anti-dumping cases.
Four things importers from China should know about US anti-dumping cases.

Companies importing products into the United States from China may be unfamiliar with terms such as “non-market economy (NME),” “respondent,” and “surrogate values.” However, this quickly changes when such companies’ imported goods are subject to a U.S. antidumping proceeding.


international M&A due diligence

My law firm’s international lawyers do a significant amount of transactional work, which we call “happy law.” It’s generally happy because the buyer and seller largely know what they want from the other side and they have already agreed in principle on what the deal will look like. Both sides bring in transactional lawyers like

Chinese negotiation strategies

1. The “Just One More Thing” Negotiating Tactic

For the last six years, China and the EU have been negotiating a new (and massive) investment/trade agreement. This week, at the last minute, China tossed out “one more thing”: the right for Chinese companies to invest as equals in EU nuclear power technology.

I learned about

The China thrill is gone
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A recent Twitter thread from Sari Arho Havrén hit home, as it so perfectly captured my own feelings. She tweeted:

Sometimes I miss Hong Kong and Mainland China so much that it physically hurts. 30 years of my life has been tied to China. I have lived

Our China lawyers have done quite a lot of work for medical device makers and other companies that supply product and services to Chinese hospitals and we have always told those companies the following:

China hospitals are under considerable, sometimes intense, government pressure to buy local, but in the end, they generally do want the

China future business

I may be later to the party than some of you, but I recently read the lengthy transcript of a speech given by former Australian journalist and later diplomat to China, John Garnaut, entitled Engineers of the Soul: Ideology in Xi Jinping’s China, which was printed on Bill Bishop’s Sinocism website in 2019.

Doing Business in China

Eons ago, a veteran China hand responded to one of our blog posts by writing me with his own story of China problems. I found his story both typical and fascinating and sought his permission to run it. He gave me permission and then I promptly lost it in the shuffle until now.

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