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Had a long conversation with an old friend the other day regarding layoffs. This friend is an international attorney for a big company (not in employment law) that is going through layoffs throughout the world. My friend was bemoaning this fact and together we bemoaned how complicated it is for international companies to manage a

China Employment Lawyers
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Shanghai’s Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Shanghai’s High People’s Court together recently released a set of Guiding Opinions on “Handling Labor Dispute Cases Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Below are some of the highlights from these Guiding Opinions, which though focused on just Shanghai,

Durante las pasadas semanas, Harris Bricken ha estado trabajando sin parar asesorando a clientes que interesados en importar equipo de protección personal (en inglés, PPE) y otros productos relacionados a la lucha contra el coronavirus, en particular de China.

Lamentablemente, justo en el momento que estos productos hacen más falta, se han agudizado los

How to Buy PPE from China

Last week, Fred Rocafort (one of our international trade lawyers), Dan Pak (a VP of Procurement at a large East Coast hospital chain) and I put on a 90+ minute webinar on navigating PPE purchases from China. Based on the feedback we have received and the fact that a number of webinar companies have asked