1. LaoWhy86 on YouTube

Spent the last few days catching up on my China reading and viewing, mostly those articles and videos friends, clients and readers wrote me insisting I read. One of the sites I checked out — at the recommendation of many people — is LaoWhy86 on YouTube. I’m hooked LaoWhy86 is

A lot is happening these days in and with China and around the world. Obviously.

Earlier this year, much of our legal work centered around helping our clients deal with the US-China trade war. That truly feels like ages ago, as today, — working remotely — our international lawyers have been consumed with helping companies

The below is a guest post written anonymously by someone who fears both repercussions from the CCP and an onslaught of abuse by “those who do not want to see their own spigot of money from China cut.” We are publishing this because it is important and because nearly all of us who regularly write

China employment lawyer

The below is a transcription of an interview of Grace Yang on Legal Talk Radio. Grace heads up our China employment law team and the interview deals with the coronavirus’s impact on China employers and employees.

But more than that, it movingly and powerfully deals with the big picture issues arising from the virus. I

Best China Blog

Way back in February, 2006, when China Law Blog was all of one month old, the Wall Street Journal wrote about and linked to one of our blog posts. Our readership shot up from around 50 to 5,000 and we thought that was just about the coolest thing ever. It meant we had made it.