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1. Chinese Manufacturers Will Copy and Sell Your Products; It’s What They Do

Literally every single day this past week, the international IP lawyers at my law firm received at least one email from an American/European/Australasian company on how their Chinese manufacturer was selling their products at wholesale and/or at retail to others. These emails

1. Selling Your Products on Chinese E-Commerce Sites

With China accounting for half of the e-commerce transactions in the world, non-Chinese companies are enjoying some of the spoils. According to Alibaba, U.S. companies sold $5.4 billion in goods on its sites during the recent Singles’ Day shopathon. This success is partly due to Alibaba’s own

Product Development Agreements can be key.
Product Development Agreements can be key.

1. The Product Development Stage is the Riskiest Stage of Manufacturing

Companies doing overseas contract manufacturing often “co-develop” products with their overseas manufacturers. In some cases, the company seeking a manufacturer has completed product development and the only involvement from the manufacturer will be to

China IP lawyer

Clients often ask us which of their entities should own their IP (patents, trademarks and copyrights) in China. The basic answer is usually simple: whichever entity will be using the IP in China.

There are some perfectly legitimate reasons for wanting to separate the ownership and exploitation of IP rights – reasons related to tax,